DUI – Rules And Defense

Basically, lawyers and attorneys specialising in DUI cases do not encourage the act of driving while under the influence of liquor or other drugs. In California, almost everyday, there are numerous drivers who are found guilty of driving under the influence. Actually, facing a DUI case is not as easy; this is already considered as a crime.

Police officers has no right to catch you while you are driving without a any cause. It means that they must have bases before they will interrogate you. At first, if they notice that you are driving carelessly in the highway, public road and the like, it would be the time for them to stop you and check your real situation while you are driving. Then, they will test your blood alcohol level to determine the amount of alcohol in your body. Most States in America has a rule that if your alcohol content reaches to 0.08, you will be considered as intoxicated and there is a consequence for that.

Anyway, let us make the statement clear. Driving carelessly will not consider you as a violator of the law, not unless if you had damaged several properties and hit on people in the road as well as if you are proven guilty of DUI. Most often, police officers are given tips that you are driving under the influence, and the probable cause may be the way you drive. Well, as what I mentioned earlier, there is a test for you in able for them to decide whether a jail for you is a necessity or not. But before that test, the police officer will interrogate you and if he or she detects even a minimal sign of intoxication, he or she will ask you to take that certain test (field sobriety and chemical testing). More often, “Breathalyzer ” is being used legally. Hence, this test may not be one hundred percent accurate so you can also request for a blood test. But then, you have to be aware that most states are requiring the drivers ( who are caught of DUI) to surrender their license if there is a special test.

You have to know that the the drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs will lead to serious and unforgettable consequences. As what I mentioned earlier, this is not just a violation of the law because it is already considered as a crime. That is why, you need a legal counsel who could able to defend you in the court. But then, you must also participate for your defence that is why understanding some basics of this kind of law is a necessity.

Always remember that you have a right to defend yourself in the court especially if there is a flaw on stopping you. Some examples are catching you without any probable cause, being caught because of anonymous tip and being forced of field sobriety test without a clear indication that you had been drinking,.