Unlawful Weapons

Although everyone has the right to protect themselves, there are certain limitations on the type of actions you can take to ensure your safety. Each state has laws that outline specifics regarding weapons and their restrictions. Unlawful weapons are any instrument intended to hurt another that are capable of excessive force or are considered illegal for other reasons.

An unlawful weapons accusation can have long lasting effects on the life of a charged individual. If you have been accused of this crime, seek legal counsel immediately to find out more information about the laws in your state.

Information about Unlawful Weapons

In most states, unlawful weapons charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the type of weapon in question, circumstances surrounding the act, and the place the offense took place. Although there are specifics for each state, unlawful weapons generally include the following:

  • Clubs- the specific descriptions vary, but are outlawed in almost every state.
  • Explosive weapons- examples include a bomb or grenade.
  • Firearms, handguns, and machine guns- there are many restrictions in place regarding the types of guns that can be carried, the way they can perform, the places they can be carried, and any modifications that can be made to this type of weapon.
  • Illegal knives- limitations vary regarding length and design.
  • Brass knuckles- this weapon and others that are created for a similar purpose are illegal in many states.
  • Chemical dispensing devices- many states have outlawed certain protective chemicals, and other devices designed to dispense substances that may harm large numbers of people.

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