Getting a Divorce Lawyer? 3 Things You Must Know

Besides the death of a loved one, divorce is the most difficult event a person can experience. The emotions that accompany the end of a relationship, the uncertainty over child custody, and the stress of the financial impact of your divorce can inhibit your ability to function in your daily life. The right family law attorney is absolutely imperative to guide you through your family law matter. But how do you find the right Family Law Attorney? Simply ask the following three questions to make sure you get the right Divorce Lawyer to help you in your time of need.

1. What type of law do you specialize in? It goes without saying that if you have a Divorce case, you do not want a corporate lawyer handling your matter. But most attorney’s will specialize even further than that. For example, sme family law attorney’s may devote a significant portion of their practice to adoption; other divorce lawyers may never even touch adoption. Know the answer to this question right out of the gate to make sure the attorney you want to represent you is the right one for the job.

2. What do your peers say about you? Do not be afraid to ask for endorsements! Do not be afraid to ask for peer review! Awards? Check out an Attorney’s rating on, ore These are third-party peer review sites that can help explain a lot about the potential attorney you are considering hiring. Furthermore, every lawyer should be checked on his State’s Bar association to see if he has a history of unethical conduct. This is an absolute must.

3. What will this cost me? Nealy all family law attorney’s charge on an hourly basis. This can be a daunting fact for many. However, a good Family Law Lawyer will be able to give you a general estimate of what the divorce will cost you assuming certain criteria. In other words, if there is a quick resolution, then the price will be about X. However, if the case is drawn out, then the price will be about Y or more. While no Family Law Lawyer can guarantee a particular rate, a good general idea of what you are getting into is essential.