Public Divorce Records – How to Perform a Search Online

Divorce records is one of the most searched public records online. It is commonly used in checking the marital status and also the divorce background of a prospective spouse. This is essential for a divorcee who is intending to remarry. This helps to dissolve whatever complications might arise, when they are unaware of the marital and divorce background of their spouse.

In other cases divorce records helps in locating the natural parents of children from a broken a home and also finding their genealogy. Access to public records by any individual is legal; the American civil system upholds public transparency and government accountability through public accessible records and the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act of 1966.

The traditional way of searching for this type of records is going to the courthouse where the divorce proceedings was conducted, or through various government agencies vested with such responsibility. Most states have a central repository where all divorces within their jurisdiction are documented.

The current trend of looking up for public divorce records is through online records directory websites for small subscription fee, where valuable information and records are accessible to you. To get the records just input the name of the individual, location, and maybe the state where the divorce was granted for a more accurate search result. Some websites promise you a refund of your money, if you are not satisfied with your search result.

There are convenient payment packages in most public records directories, there is the single search payment plan, or the annual payment plan which allows you perform unlimited searches was you are a member. It is recommended you choose a credible public records directory which is most suitable for you in terms of service support and subscription cost.