The Demographics of Divorce

A 2002 study made by the government office Center for Disease Control & Prevention put forward that couples that reside together before being married are very prone to divorce. But if there already was an engagement before the cohabitation, the likelihood of marriage is brighter.

The said report scrutinize couples who share a home before tying the knot, in light of factors like childhood background, educational attainment, cultural ethnicity, and if betrothed before moving in.

According to the study, male constituents who moved in with their fiances had, give or take a few, the same probability that they would not divorce for no less than ten yrs as compared with those couples who shunned cohabitation before walking the aisle. And that is, 71% for men with engagements and 69% for non-cohabitant men, a difference of 2%. With regards to women with engagements, the odds that their union would survive for ten years was the close to the odds for women who never cohabitated, 65% to 66% respectively.

Other conclusions were that partners, who went to the altar after the age of 26 or have a child 8 months after tying the knot, have a high likelihood of staying married for ten years. Half of couples that did cohabit get hitched within 3 years time. Close to 62% of ladies of age 25-44 years were currently married while only 8% were cohabitating. On the other hand, among gentlemen who were 25 to 44 years old, 59% were married and 10% were cohabitating. When both partners have college diplomas, it’s probable that they tie the knot and stay married for at least 10 years. Generally, one in five marriages won’t reach five years and one in three marriages won’t last more than ten years.

Whether they are currently married or single, ladies who had parents who did not divorce were optimistic about marriage says the study. All in all, ladies whose parents divorced by the time they were 14 years of age (age of cut-off in studies of demography), had a very little probability of being married at the interview date (that’s 36% against 48%) and a high possibility of cohabiting (14% versus 8%) in contrast to ladies whose parents didn’t divorce.

With regards to ethnicity, the percentage of women who got married is: 63% of white women, 58% of Hispanic women, and 39% of African American women. As for the men, the figures for married or previously married are: 53% of white men, 50% of Hispanic men, and 42% of African American men.