How to Obtain an EB5 Green Card

For many people who visit the United States they can get a visa for the purposes of their business trip. This incorporates any meetings, seminars and any other work related activities during the duration of the trip. However obtaining an EB5 Investor Visa and EB5 green card are a bit different. These come under the banner of the Immigrant Investor Program options out there for foreign investors. These programs are put in place for those investors from overseas who are willing to invest at least $1 million in order to create new jobs for businesses. There are some areas that are targeted which have higher rates of unemployment and these are subject to less investment at half the amount. There are steps that need to be followed in order to obtain a green card.

Step 1: Research your options available to you before investing:

You should ensure that the very first thing you do when trying to obtain a visa and green card such as these is to research what your options are in regards to investment opportunities. You will be investing through a regional center in a specific area so you need to know where each center is in the country and the type of area they are in. There is a list of all these centers around the country available on the Internet if you need to check that out. Once you have decided which regional center to invest in you should push through the required amount of money to the center you have selected.

Step 2: Prepare Form I-526:

You should prepare Form I-526 as the next step in the process in order to obtain a green card. The documents you will need for applying and filling in this form will require you to give some proof that you have a business that is established though investment funds. You also have to guarantee that those funds have been obtained in a legal manner and that your business that your business can create ten jobs at least. The other option is to prove that your investment can help to maintain at least ten jobs if you have bought into a business that is struggling.

Step 3: Prepare Form I-485:

This form should be completed next in order to alter your status to that of a permanent lawful resident if you are currently living in the United States of America. If you are not living in the country then you should still prepare this form in order to obtain a visa for entry into the U.S. At this point you will be asked to supply the amount promised to be invested to the business. If you are successful then you will get granted a green card on a provisional trial basis.

Step 4: Prepare Form I-829:

Finally, you should prepare form I-829 which will mean you can remove the conditions place on your green card provisionally. This can be done within 21 months. You have to prove you have maintained your investment level in the business for two years at this point. You should also be able to show that your business has provided jobs for at least ten people at all times during those years. If you are successful at this stage then you can live in the U.S as a permanent resident.