Learn the Study Guide: A Must for the New Citizenship Questions

There are free citizenship quiz for applicants on the websites. Other websites offer this quiz download for a fee. Business people knew that citizenship test is very important for applicants and this reason give them idea on how to help and at the same time earn an income from it. The applicants on the other hand, appreciate these chances to avail a copy of quiz online for practice purposes.

Although this online quiz can help the applicant, the copy of study guide given by the CIC officials is enough to pass the test. Just giving it some time to study, become acquainted with all the topics from Canada’s history to politics and the country’s society, the applicant is assured of passing the test successfully. Emphasized the rights and responsibilities of a new Canadian and focus

New citizenship questions are focus on these subjects:

-the rights and responsibilities of a citizen

-issues related to election procedures

-the social and cultural history and symbols of Canada

-the right to vote and the right to run for office

-the political history of Canada, it’s institutions and systems

-the political and political geography of Canada

The future immigrant should possess an adequate knowledge of Canada’s language. This is important because his ability to understand the language will reflect when he responds to the new citizenship test questions either in written or oral form. The test and interaction with the officials of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada will tell if the applicant can communicate using the official language of Canada. Learning the language, either English or French is one of the requirements in the application to be a Canadian citizen.

The applicant should also be aware that there are lots of omissions in the previous study guide that are being emphasized in the new one. That is why it is important that the person advised to take the test, will really read and study the new study guide, the Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian Citizens.

One example of contents omitted from the old guide which possibly be included in the new citizenship test questions is Canadian’s justice system. Some wordings in the old study guide are different in the new one although they mean the same. In the new book you can read “Canada’s government is a federal state, a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy” while before it says that the Canadian government has a system of parliamentary government”. There are other changes which will surely affect the line of questioning in the new citizenship exam and the answers, of course.