Accidents at Work: Things That You Should Know

Accidents at Work: Things That You Should Know

Millions of people suffer accidents at work every year. These can vary from slips resulting in bruising to third degree burns. No matter what the injury is or how the accident at work occurs, it is important that it is investigated fully and the correct action is taken.

The common misconception about accidents at work is that they only tend to occur on building sites or in industrial environments. However this is not the case, the number of work-related injuries occurring each year is increasing and these are not confined to falls from injuries as a result of faulty equipments or tripping over a slab. You may have incurred contact dermatitis or loss of sight in an office environment. Work-related injuries are not environment specific and they can happen anywhere.

Employer’s responsibilities

Accidents do happen. However your employer has a responsibility to minimise the risks of these occurring as much as possible. In order to do this, they must adhere to health and safety regulations, provide regular training and appropriate instructions and also ensure that all equipment you are provided with is safe and well-maintained. They must also complete risk assessments as appropriate.

If you incur an injury as a result of your employer’s negligence then you may want to seek advice on compensation claims.

Things to consider

Making a personal injury claim against an employer can often be a daunting prospect. Many people are concerned with the implications that the claim will have on their employment therefore it is important to know the facts and seek guidance on the matter in the initial stages.

You may be worried about being seen as a ‘trouble maker’ however if you have suffered an injury due to an employer’s negligence, the effects of the injury may not only damage you but your family and your finances.

Your employer is legally obliged to provide you with a safe working environment and the correct safety instructions. If they fail this duty, the results could be devastating for you.

Employers should have insurance in place to cover accidents which occur in the work environment and good employers should be willing to assist and help in the event that you have sustained an injury on the premises.

Making a claim

The key aspect of a personal injury claim is liability. If your employer or an external party was to blame for your accident at work then it is possible that you could may have a valid compensation claim.

Speaking to a personal injury lawyer will give you an opportunity to discuss your situation and offer you guidance on the best course of action.