Can I Make An Accident At Work Claim?

Can I Make An Accident At Work Claim?

Thousands of people sustain work related injuries in the UK every year. While many are successful in making accident at work claims, there are some who fail to make a claim or simply do not bother about making a claim. There are many reasons why an individual may not choose to make a compensation claim against the company.

Although not true, but many people believe that they may end up losing their jobs if they make a claim against their employers. Many believe that they will not be treated well by their employers and many think that their colleagues will look down on them.

The fact is that, if you have sustained injuries at work due to no fault, you have the legal right to make an accident at work claim. There are rules which have been designed to protect the rights of workers and according to these rules an employer cannot dismiss you if you choose to make a claim against the company. If they do, it will amount to unfair dismissal.

Every employer owes a duty of care to their employees and to be able to make a successful injury claim, you will need to prove that your employer breached that duty of care. In the UK, there are rules and regulations which every employer has to adhere to, but when they fail, they may be liable to pay work accident compensation.

You may be entitled to make an accident at work claim if:

– Your employer failed to carry out risk assessments and adopt safety measures to protect your health and safety.

– You did not receive adequate personal protective equipment. Every employer must ensure that workers are provided with adequate personal protective equipment to help them perform their job effectively and safely. For example, if your job requires you to deal with hazardous substances, your employer must ensure that you are provided with adequate protective clothing, safety goggles, gloves, etc. In addition, employers must provide adequate training to the workers dealing with hazardous substances.

– You did not receive training on how to perform manual handling tasks safely. If you are subjected to unsafe manual handling or heavy lifting operation, you may eligible to claim for compensation if you have suffered injuries as a result.

– Your employer has failed to provide suitable equipment to help you carry out your job effectively. Work equipment that is provided to workers must be maintained in good condition. If they are not, it can result in injuries to workers and give rise to potential injury claims.