Fatal Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Case

Fatal Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Personal Injury Case

When you are involved in an accident, you are facing various challenges, which you must address. Aside from seeking medical attention and dealing with the hospital bills and recovery costs, you also deal with the challenge of getting what you are owed. Most people do what they are not supposed to do. Some people forget to do what they are supposed to do. Still a few people are too scared to take any step because it may potentially ruin their case, and a few others try to do the right thing, and in the process of doing so, also end up ruining their chances of getting what they are legitimately owed. If you do not want to wreck your chance of getting a fair and just compensation, here are the seven fatal mistakes that you need to avoid:

Failing to obtain immediate and proper medical attention

All too often, it may seem that you are in perfect condition. Sometimes you may also be too busy to seek medical attention and you choose to ignore the minor pains that you suffer. This is a mistake. You cannot tell for sure if you are okay. This is the job of a physician. You need to undergo certain tests before a healthcare professional can tell if there is something wrong or if you are indeed, perfectly fine.

Failing to disclose previous medical records

The insurance company will always find access to your medical records, injuries, health condition and accidents that may have happened in the past. It is best to disclose everything to your doctor and lawyer. Give complete and accurate information. Failure to do so may potentially prejudice your case.

Making a recorded statement to the insurance company

Insurance companies usually say that they need to conduct an interview in order to process your claim as quickly as possible. This works well for them, but not for you. Insurance companies will find a way to use your words against you. Never talk to the insurance company without an attorney, or without prior consultation with your lawyer.

Admitting fault

You can never tell who is at fault in an accident. It may sometimes seem to you that you are, but the other party may have contributed or may have been the proximate cause of the accident. Never admit that you are at fault. Let the authorities do their investigation.

Rushing to settle your claim

Insurance companies will always give you an initial offer. You may be tempted to accept this because you do not want to go through the lawsuit procedure. It is a big mistake to accept this initial offer. In taking the shortcut to settling your claim, you are giving up your right to be fairly compensated, and that you may end up paying more later on for medical expenses and other costs that should have been included in your claim.

Failing to document

You need to document everything that happens right after an accident. Take photos of the scene, your injuries and damages to your property. Keep a record of all your expenses and the losses that have accumulated due to the untoward incident. You will only be properly compensated if you can back up your claim with sufficient documents and evidence.

Hiring the wrong lawyer

Insurance companies are experts in what they do. They negotiate in order to bring down the costs of what they have to pay. You need to hire a lawyer, and not just any lawyer, but a competent personal injury lawyer to properly represent you.