Personal Injury: Catastrophic Injuries

Injuries can occur any day in any place. While it is difficult to face that any person can be dealt a devastating injury, it is the reality. Some may be doing a risky stunt that can cause them to injure themselves, while others may be taken all possible safety precautions and the negligence of another leads them to be harmed. There are many kinds of injuries that people may face. Some of them may be momentary and they pass on quickly. Those not as fortunate may be left with damages that they will face for a life time. More serious injuries are known as catastrophic injuries. These can leave the victim of an accident forever affected, changing many areas of their life and forcing them to relearn many basic tasks. Some may find themselves in a wheel chair while others are left to rely on friends and family members to care for them.

Catastrophic injuries can also be life threatening. Often times these will include damage to the brain, spinal cord, burn injuries and more. They affect those injured in many ways as well as their families. They can be costly and time consuming. Some may find themselves in long term physical therapy where they may need to learn how to walk again. When damage is caused to vital parts of the body such as the brain or spinal cord, the effects can be substantial. Both the spinal cord as well as the brain has a large impact on the rest of the function of the body. Damage to them can leave a person unable to move or control certain aspect of their function. Each area of the brain controls a different part of the body, more than just physically. The behavior and memory of a person are just a few of the functions that fall under the branch of the brain. Protected by the skull, the body makes an attempt to safeguard this critical organ since when it is damaged is can leave a person in a nonresponsive state.

Burn injuries also can lead to extremely substantial damage to a person. Depending on the type of injury, the skin, muscle, bone, nerves and more can all be impaired by a burn. Often times the nerves around the site of a burn are damaged leaving the individual unable to feel in that area any more. When a catastrophic injury does occur it is critical that medical care is sought as soon as possible. Any delay can mean the damage takes further hold of the victim and can even end in a death. These types of injuries can cost substantial amounts; not only for the initial hospital bills but the other health care expenses that are likely to come after the fact.