Slip and Fall, An Injury Lawyer Can Help You With a Lawsuit

Slip and Fall, An Injury Lawyer Can Help You With a Lawsuit

Many people are unaware that slip and fall accidents due to wet floors are the leading cause of liability claims throughout the United States. When such an incident occurs on someone else’s property, personal injury attorneys can hold the property owner legally liable.

This means that the owner could be in debt to the victims of fall injuries, and therefore face a lawsuit to financially compensate for the damages.

The law that protects the rights of citizens who suffer from personal injuries is known as the “Facilities Liability Law” and they refer to a specific part of the responsibility of the owners of places open to the public.

Slip and fall injuries

Without a doubt, the injuries that come with slipping can be quite serious, including fractures of the brain, bones, back and spine, as well as soft tissues and more sensitive areas of the body.

Now, in order to get the most out of a slip and fall personal injury claim, it is necessary to have the help and advice of a slip and fall lawyers taylorsville ut.There are no more qualified personnel to fight for what you deserve.

If you have had an accident (minor or serious) on wet floors, greasy surfaces, mud, snow, ice, debris, debris or other hazards, your case may have the opportunity to be heard in court.

Rights to safety on someone else’s property

In the United States, as in many other parts of the world, visitors to public, open-space property have the right to a reasonably safe environment.

For example: when you buy food in a store, you walk with your family in a shopping center, you cross in a parking lot, you practice swimming in a community pool or a simple walk in a public park, in any of these places you have rights.

It is the obligation of the owners, to take the corresponding measures to maintain a premises free of defects, obstacles or dangers, including those risks of slipping and tripping, which are the most common causes of such accidents.

What is expected of a reasonable landlord

Although accidents do occur, there are some reasonable actions that a store owner can take to take care of the physical condition of their employees, visitors and customers. Some key examples would be:

  • Post a caution sign for wet floors
  • Locate signs indicating the entrance and exit

These examples can be used if it has been raining heavily, employees are cleaning the store, or due to any other circumstance. In the event of an accident a few minutes after a heavy downpour, a judge could decide that the owner was negligent in not displaying a warning sign.

For this reason, it is so important to know that if you own an establishment, you have a duty to maintain security measures and try to prevent accidents from occurring. If not, your best option is to seek representation from an injury attorney in your area.

The duties that any owner owes to his clients depend on various factors. Among them, it is taken into account whether they are invited to the property or come to it on their own.

Hire an experienced slip and fall attorney

However, the only people who should not be paid any attention are intruders (those who access by force), in the latter case you should also consult an injury lawyer.

Of course you do, whenever there is a personal injury resulting from a fall the answer is to seek professional legal help.

Not only to get some type of monetary compensation, but also because the injury is something that can change your life forever, bringing with it many expenses and medical procedures, disfigurement, scars and depression.


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