Property Solicitors – Picking the Best for You

Conveyancer is the generic term used to refer to a conveyancing solicitor or licensed property solicitor. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a property, the smart way to go is to seek the help of a conveyancer to see you through the conveyance process.

First step, obviously, is to know where to find a conveyancer to hire. If you’re reading this, then chances are, you came across this article by searching the internet. The internet is usually the first place to search for almost anything and everything today. Good property solicitors know this and as such make themselves accessible on the internet through their websites. Websites provide a way for potential clients such as you to know as much about the services of a particular conveyancer or firm as possible. They should be able to provide a list of services they offer, information on how long they have been in service, and even previous cases and testimonials from satisfied clients and customers. Websites also provide other relevant contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers and complete office address. Be wary of conveyancers who do not make themselves easily accessible by hiding behind an email address without providing information on how they can be reached personally.

Price is a very important consideration in making your choice for conveyancer. Property solicitors charge you in a variety of ways. Some may charge a fixed rate while some may charge based on percentage from the sale or purchase of a house or property for conveyance. You should also consider that there may be additional costs that you may be charged with such as additional fees for extra work that require more time and effort than initially anticipated, additional paperwork, and disbursement fees which may include phone fees, VAT and other such costs your conveyancer may incur in the process of your sale or purchase. Make sure to get at least three quotes from different services before you make any decision for a conveyancer.

While price is of course important, don’t make your choice based on price alone. Property solicitors who charge “cheap” or at much lower rates may indicate one of two things. One is that they charge lower because they are still new to the scene and are relatively inexperienced. Obviously you would want to have a solicitor who is experienced to handle your conveyance process so this is one scenario you’d best pass up on.

Another reason for “cheap” solicitor services is that while they are experienced, they can afford to charge lower because they manage multiple clients at a time to compensate for their costs. This may mean that they have less time to focus on your particular case or needs. Again you should stay away from these types of conveyancers.

The best way, albeit possibly the simplest way to pick your conveyancer is to seek for recommendation from your friends and family or check out real reviews and feedback. Chances are if they were satisfied with the services of their property solicitors, you will be satisfied as well. Experience is often the best teacher and in this case, you’d best go with the services of a conveyancer that has been proven by people you trust.