Exercise Your Rights With a Traffic Violations Attorney

The consequences for traffic violations can vary by state. While some states will allow the removal of violations from the driver’s record, other states might require that even minor violations stay on record forever. Furthermore, many states allow for a license suspension for multiple violations over a specific period of time. A traffic violations attorney can help fight these charges and keep the drivers’ record clean.

Although the ticket for a traffic violation can be costly, it certainly is more affordable than the hassle of taking time off from work to go to court and fight the ticket. In fact, many jurisdictions allow the driver to expunge the violation from their record upon completing a defensive driving course. However, paying the fine is an admission of guilt, and there is no guarantee that the driver qualifies for a record expungement. This is especially true for the more serious violations, or for drivers who have more than one violation on their record. Some jurisdictions use a point system to issuing driving privileges; points are either added or deducted, based on the seriousness of the offense. Therefore, paying for the ticket and admitting guilt can lead to a suspension of driving privileges. A traffic violations attorney can help their client fight these charges by either taking the case to trial for a dismissal, or accepting a plea for lesser charges.

While keeping one’s driving privileges is the best reason to get a traffic violations attorney, insurance premiums can rise with multiple violations. Insurance providers base their premiums on different aspects including the drivers age, make and model of the vehicle, and overall driving record. The driver’s record is the biggest factor because violations such as speeding or running a red light can be indicators of dangerous driving that could result in an accident or injury. Although one ticket might not cause a dramatic increase in the insurance premium, multiple violations or even more serious violations, such as driving under the influence or reckless driving can make the cost of insurance unaffordable. Moreover, record of traffic violations may result in higher insurance premiums.

Driving is a privilege, not a right. So when many drivers face a suspension of their driving privileges, a traffic violations attorney can help their client maintain the freedom of the open road. Even still, many drivers understand the benefit of a clean driving record, which can help save costs with low insurance premiums.