Importance of Having a Qualified DUI Lawyer in San Diego to Handle Your DUI Case

United states traffic regulators charge thousands of individuals with “driving under the influence” (DUI) on an annual basis. In California, for example, their Highway Patrol reported 95 DUI arrest cases over the July 4th weekend of 2011 in San Diego alone. This is a little more than 2010’s 86. Over the 2011 Labor Day weekend break, San Diego traffic regulators reported 84 arrests, 12 points greater than the previous year’s 72. Throughout California, the Labor Day weekend break wrapped up with 1,399 arrests, somewhat up from 2010’s 1,360. Of these DUI instances, there have been 16 deaths, five more than the year before.

If there’s a fortunate note about this increasing statistic, it could probably be the bigger requirement for a DUI lawyer in San Diego. Don’t get it wrong but with San Diego’s yearly average of 15,000 DUI courtroom cases, the assistance of DUI attorneys have given accused people with the required representation.

Whether you are acquainted with these occurrences or not, you have to know your rights when in a scenario dealing with the police. You must learn what you’re required to undertake and when you can decline. You need to know whom to contact in case there is an arrest. Whether you’re feeling in the wrong or not, you should make contact with a qualified DUI lawyer in San Diego.

If a traffic enforcer asks you to have a breathalyzer and you feel confident that you’re not “under the influence” or perhaps under the legal alcohol limit, go ahead and take test. If, alternatively, you’re feeling that you’re close or slightly above the limit, you might refuse to accept the test. A trained DUI lawyer in San Diego knows that you have the right to decline such sobriety checks. This rejection, however, may lead to suspicion from the people in authority, therefore, you’ll still require legal guidance.

You will need to remain silent whenever you refuse to make use of a breathalyzer or some other types of sobriety test. Take into account also that you’re not required to provide more than basic information. As well, you’re not required to prove that you’re legally responsible for the vehicle you are driving. Contact your DUI attorney right away. It will be helpful if the legal professional is there in the course of discussion with the traffic law enforcers.

An excellent DUI lawyer is aware of what steps you should take immediately. Most of the states have due dates for procedures on such cases. You need to meet these due dates, or else you may lose your driving license or even access to your personal vehicle.

It’s easy to understand that you don’t mean to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, because your safety is also at risk. Mistakes, nevertheless, come to pass as nobody is perfect. Understanding such eventualities, you have to know what you should do. While you may have doubts with the quality of a breathalyzer as well as the accuracy of other sobriety tests, you should relax when you refuse to take them. Getting a connection with an experienced DUI lawyer in San Diego helps a lot.

Whether you need a service of a DUI, a federal or a criminal lawyer, San Diego law firms are usually more than happy to provide support. Visit reputable law firm internet sites and start your search for an experienced lawyer.