What Is a DUI Lawyer and What Does He Do?

A DUI charge is often not as simple as many think it will be. If you have been caught by the police driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs then it is very smart for you to not try to cope with it alone but instead to hire a DUI lawyer to represent you.

What is a DUI lawyer? This kind of lawyer can be described as being a criminal defense lawyer whose specialty it is to defend individuals who have been charged with criminal defenses that are classified by law enforcement as DUI’s. A DUI attorney can be your ally and your supporter as you go through the criminal justice system.

The lawyer has the experience, knowledge and qualifications to explain everything to you that you need to know. For instance he will make sure you understand exactly what a charge of driving under the influence means and he will also let you know how serious the charge(s) are that you are facing. It is the job of the DUI lawyer to be well versed in the state laws as they pertain to charges of this kind and charges of this magnitude. The education and knowledge that the attorney has can then be used to defend your rights as his client and to fight the charge that you have against you.

The attorney you hire for a DUI charge cannot guarantee you that he will be able to have the charges dropped and erased from your record but he can make sure that you receive the legal counsel that can help you to navigate through the criminal justice system. He can also make sure that the course of action that is suitable for you is taken. This is because this is his area of expertise in the legal realm.

If you are not sure how you should plead then the DUI lawyer you hire to defend you can offer you his most professional legal advice. He can advise you as to the type of plea that is most appropriate for your set of circumstances. You should never enter a guilty plea without first consulting with an attorney.

Pre-trial conferences are the negotiations that take place before the date for a trial is determined. The DUI lawyer can work tirelessly to have the charges against you dropped or reduced during this critical stage. In some cases the attorney may be able to have the charges reclassified which can lessen the penalty that you may be facing.

When it comes to a DUI case the lawyer you hire to represent your interests has the ability to file a number of motions that can work in your favor. By so doing these motions can give him the time he needs to prepare the absolute best defense possible for you. For instance he may file a motion that allows for the suppression of statements that were made when you were arrested. There are many different kinds of motions that the attorney can file that can work to your advantage. If your case goes to trial you want to know for sure that you have been defended as vehemently as can be.